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The washing, drying and ironing processing of the linens and terry are done with the best equipment of the laundry industry. The detergents and peroxide used are less harmful so the linens and terry can last longer. Allowing to deliver

1.  Excellent quality wash, as a result, less rewash. More linens and terry available for your use. The linens and towels are coming pristine white.

2.   Steam 8 roll ironer, allow us  to deliver high-end press your linens, duvets, pillowcases.

3.   The reclaim wash or special wash is reducing the stains to almost 95%.

4.   Happy customers with satisfied guests.


Cost efficient and convenient plan. Your property is committed to a long term contract. The advantages are pretty high. No inventory management required. Not an asset when is not yours. Constant inventory available. No emergencies and stressed situations. No initial investment required (great savings). No waiting for laundry truck to arrive. Less storage space used. Cost effective solution, less hassle, simple, convenient, finally no linen damaged purchase replacement (lost or worn). Replacement fee is considered in the contract.

We have a variety of high end linen for Restaurants and Kitchen needs. Tablecloths, napkins, service napkins, kitchen towels, aprons.

We Remove all kind of food and drink stains. Perfectly ironed, Table linen Linen, Cotton, High-end Restaurants. The best service in town. 24 hr, 365 days. Experience 18 yrs. doing table linen laundry and rental. Competitive prices.


Blue Star Linen is a leader in the commercial laundry industry. We have more than 18 years of expertise and experience. Over the years we have laundered millions of pounds and serviced thousands of customers in the hospitality, restaurant, and health care industries. We are grateful to have been a part of the Miami business community and look forward to many more years of success.

40 yrs. Owner & Manager Hotel gives his live testimony. Laundry Linens Customer for 15 yrs of strong long relationship. "It is all about Blue Star Linen Customer Service" .

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